New Drivers Rules

UK Laws for New Drivers

New drivers in the UK (someone who has held a full UK driving licence for 2 years or less), you face more conditions than more experienced drivers.

As a new driver, you only have 6 penalty points available on your driving licence, before, not only will you be banned from driving, but you will need to retake a full retest to get your licence back, including the theory part of the test.

This is quite a strict set of criteria, aimed at keeping youngsters safe and helping to reduce road deaths amongst new drivers who in the main are the youngest and the most likely to be involved in serious accidents.

Inexperience and over exuberance can quickly combine to cause unnecessary accidents and bad driving decisions which can be dangerous for the driver, passengers as well as third parties.

By limiting young drivers to just 6 points, equivalent to just two low speed speeding offences, one no insurance offence, two seatbelt or mobile phone offences, or a couple of bald tyres or a combination of all of them, it can be quite easy for motorists to soon earn 6 points or more if they aren’t very careful to stay on the right side of the law.

New Drivers & The Law

If you are at risk of accumulating 6 points and you admit the offences accused, you will automatically have your licence revoked.

You can’t appeal this process. Instead, if you want to keep your licence, you need to plead not guilty and defend your case in court.

It’s not always an easy decision and obviously depends on your offences and circumstances, but with professional advice from a motoring law specialist legal practice, you will have a very good idea of the chances of success and the probable outcome.